For The Turner

If you are a turner, here are a few articles I’ve written.  They are sort of old at this point, but they still get hits, so……

Drying wood is something all of us struggle with.  Here is an article I wrote on my experiences.  It is mostly a qualitative experience.  I’ve been meaning to do more of a measureable experiment, but not gotten to it.  Drying Wood

Coring is a question I get frequently. How/Why/Which one?  I currently own two coring systems, and use both.  Like all tools, each has advantages and disadvantages.  But, first why core?  At worst, it saves me cleaning up as many shavings.  At best it get more bowls out of the same blank.  Mostly this is how to use the OneWay system.  Coring my way

In 2012, I presented at the SJ Symposium on the missing segment process.  As far as I know, that information is still available on their web site, but just in case, here is the presentation I used.  I ask 2 things:  1) Please give me credit if I taught you anything, and 2) Please send me a picture if you make a piece!  aaw 2012 MS