Stone & Wood

Five years ago I hosted a class given by Stephen Hatcher where he showed us a process which allowed us to add stone to our turnings.  I started with simple embellishments, adding stone to rims and filling voids. This adds interest to the turnings.  But the real fun is when you go beyond this.  Somehow I think I define fun as time consuming!

I enjoyed Princes work, and made this a tribute to him, “Purple Haze”.  It was made with Purple Halite, but was not as purple as I had hoped.  The wood tone had an affect on the color the eye observed.  Still more to learn.

These 2 walnut bowls show 2 different rim accents.  The one on the left is filled with a green calcite.  On the right, it is filled with turquoise.  Both add beauty to the wood.

I found this piece of red bark eucalyptus about 2 years before our class.  What a beautiful piece of wood.  It immediately reminded me of the ocean waves.  But, as is true with most crotch pieces, cracked something awful.  I then carved the cracks and made many new voids to create the froth/foam from the waves.  You can see the final piece on the right.  I hope I can find another piece of wood with this much character.

sn476 side  My daughter loves cats.  I’m more of a dog person, but I carved out a cats paw and some claw marks all over the bowl.  It was a success.

2014 Clouds LargeOne day I was outside admiring the sky.  This was a piece of walnut that had been drying for a few years and was a perfect piece, no voids, no cracks.  Just not very interesting.  I carved clouds into it.  With a light behind it, the translucent stone glows.

silver maple with stone rim (Small) This shows the extremes that can be made with a stone rim.  A beautiful maple figured crotch piece just begged for an accent.  Learning how to add this was a real learning experience.