New Turnings

Over the last few years, I’ve expanded into new directions. Here are a few pictures of some of my new work.

This is made from Mahagony. turned thin, and then pierced. Was a fun learning experience.
Birch, ~14″ tall. Pierced Butterflies.
More piercing work, with airbrushing. One of my favorite pieces.
Explosion at the ribbon factory!
A little fire, using stone and epoxy.
A little wood burning. As an engineer, the “randomness is really hard.
More burning, on a bowl
and on a platter. Gives a very nice look.
Starting to spin out of control….
A wedding present using stone inlay. I went all the way through, which has a nice look, but definitely a lot more work.
Wood Inlay using a multiple router template. Can’t tell I’m dyslexic can you!
Last of this update. Hard to believe I’ve been turning 24 years and this is my first goblet. Made from wet Madrone, so we will see how it looks after it is dry.